Into the Depths: June 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

What's Up

I'm not dead, just in case any one wondered!! Just worn out is all. Lots of baseball, same struggles at church, I'm just tired. I will catch you up when I am not so ready for bed. :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

So You Had A Bad Day

My tire tracks are crossed because we were spinning at this point.

This is my not so pretty bruise.

And this is my totalled car, with a whole 9,000 miles on it.

What a day. All things considered though, we are quite lucky. Had I not turned the wheels when I saw the truck plowing toward us it would have hit Blayne dead on and I am not wanting to imagine the damage that would have been done. Also, it hit us right in the gas tank, so things definitely could have been uglier. Brayton and Blayne were both with me and they are both ok. Brayton spent the evening in the E.R. getting checked out because he was having a lot of pain from the seatbelt, but after a ton of tests, it is sure that he is alright. They both have baseball tournaments all weekend that we are now praying will be rained out. I don't think any of us will be moving very well come tomorrow. The soreness will be strong, I'm afraid. But, again, we are alive and for the most part fine, and insurance will take care of the car. Oh yeah, I had a wreck, big box truck ran through a stop sign. I probably should have lead with that. ;)