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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Theory

I grew even more frustrated Sunday night when an unexpected occurrence left me feeling that I haven't moved at all. I would make the same mistake today as I did six months ago. I wasn't happy. Then tonight, at Bible study, which is becoming more of an accountability group, I told the above story more fully. That says I have moved. I have changed. I am growing, day by day, ever so slowly, I am making progress. So, bite me satan.

No, I am nowhere near where I need to be. Yes, I still have setbacks. Still make mistakes. Still get frustrated with my issues, same as Paul. The very things I do not want to do, that is what I find myself doing. I wonder if it being stated that way was purposeful. I 'find' myself doing. Not I choose to do but what I find myself doing.

I do believe it is a choice. I do believe that by the grace of God alone, we are 'changeable.' However, I am beginning to think that only in great awareness do we find any chance at recognizing and changing some choices. I am not sure how to get to that level of awareness, but my thought is that it probably runs parallel to practicing the presence of God. The more in tune I am spiritually, the closer, more intimate our walk, the more evident an issue will become. In other words, in every day life my habitual behavior is just that, habitual. I don't notice, it is a subconscious reaction that has become second nature to me. But, if I am in consistent contact with God, behavior that is contrary to, not in line with, or in violation of my walk with Him should, theoretically, stand out like a sore thumb.

I'm not sure about all that, but it seems like a good theory to test out. Night.


Blogger Shayne said...

BINGO! I think you nailed it right on the head.

If I was a game show announcer I'd be telling you that you've won a beautiful, all expenses paid trip to heaven. You'll spend eternity relaxing the the arms of Your Heavenly Father and that's not all...a host of heavenly angels will serenade you and celebrate in awe at your arrival. What's that you said Wink? How much is the trip worth???


November 15, 2006 10:38 AM  
Blogger Bttrfly1976 said...


November 15, 2006 10:58 AM  
Anonymous Beth said...

In my denomination, we call that Holiness. Holiness is achieved when doing the right thing and being in tune with God is second nature. Mistakes can be made, but when you are in constant communion with God, you become aware of those mistakes right off and you are willing and able to make amends for them.

Cool Stephanie....cool!!

November 15, 2006 11:28 AM  
Blogger LiteratureLover said...

YEESSSSS!!! I am so excited that you actually TOLD the group! You are changing. You are! You are!!!

I like your theory. It'll keep me thinking, as always.

November 15, 2006 3:53 PM  
Blogger Bttrfly1976 said...

lol, LL I am glad you caught that. I was afraid I hadn't made it clear enough that the reason I know I'm changing is because I shared. And thanks, as always, for your encouragement. I am anxious to hear your thoughts on the subject.

November 15, 2006 4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

It's Robin, sorry I have been absent for awhile. I have been working on some of my ruff spots.

Great post! Stick to the new theory! We do reap what we sow. Their for we need to sow what we want to reap. We need God's presence in our life, if we sow that into our life he will give a return of 30, 60 a hundred fold.

Be blessed to be a blessing

November 22, 2006 7:47 AM  

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