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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Soccer and Such

Only a tiny bit of whining, because this is my blog and I can. ;) So, it is my Saturday at work, which is crappy in and of itself. I have to be at the office from 8-12. Well, my nieces and nephews first ever soccer games are on Saturday. Do you really think I could miss any of those. NO! I was hoping they would all be in the afternoon so I could make them. Well, lucky us, Brayton plays on field 17 @ 1:30. Mayson plays on field 18 @ 1:30. BrookLynn and BryAnn play on field 19 @ 1:30. I don't think they could get them all scheduled that way again if they actually tried. So we will be running from field to field for an hour. I guess that is what I get for hoping for the afternoon, I got what I wanted, right?? They also have the girls on a team with kids who are the next age level up. We just found that out when looking up the schedule, but for some reason they put them with the 6 year olds instead of the 5 year olds, even though they are four? Oh well, my sister is hoping this will make them lose interest in soccer, isn't that sweet. She is really hoping to make them girly girls despite their three older brothers.

BrookLynn has changed her name to BretLynn. None of us know why, but that is what she calls herself and tells everyone else to call her. She has already learned to spell it, and being that she didn't even want to think about spelling her real name, my sister isn't arguing with her. So as a four year old she has decided on a new name for herself. Whatever works.

OK, time for T.V. Later


Blogger LiteratureLover said...

I've heard of changing your name as an adult but that little girl has a head start. L I can't imagine trying to see all the games at one time. That must have been CRAZY!

September 09, 2006 8:10 PM  

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