Into the Depths: CrossRoads

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Church was good this morning, it was about holding on to God's faithfulness. My only problem is that step 1 was to remember how God has always been faithful to you. So I'm stuck there.
Lunch went very well. The woman I met with was great. She spoke openly of her journey and how God has been faithful to get her where she is today. She was overwhelmingly patient with my lack of communication which made it less uncomfortable then it could have been.

How do you make the jump? What does that look like in tangible terms. Am I close, have I almost leapt. Am I hanging on by a thread. I think yes. I also think that below me are two very different worlds that I can fall into when I pry my fingers off the fraying thread. The funny thing is that they are both scary worlds. They both hold threats and fear and danger, but only one has hope.

It's a crossroads, no doubt about it. I so hope that I can force myself in the right direction for once. And that is what I have decided it is going to take. Just a sheer force of will.


Blogger Paulette said...

Girl, you have leapt!!! You are trying to follow the steps you believe God wants you to take.
When traumatic things happen in our lives it is hard to find the path we are suppose to be on.
I found my path through the Lord, and I just hang on and try to find his will.
You are searching, give yourself alot of credit!!

August 27, 2006 10:22 PM  
Blogger LauraLou said...

Let go and let God!

:)Praying for you!

August 28, 2006 9:33 PM  
Blogger LiteratureLover said...

I agree with Paulette, I believe you've leapt! You have taken so many steps forward. I'm sure that is scary. I think life is full of baby steps and you've been taking a bunch of them lately.

August 29, 2006 4:13 PM  

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