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Saturday, August 26, 2006

R U A Wheel Watcher

I went to watch tapings of Wheel Of Fortune tonight. I know you are jealous, you don't have to pretend. So, if anyone needs to know who wins on November ninth and tenth, I got what ya need! It was actually pretty fun, though my hands do hurt because they make you clap A LOT. The second show was won by a Ft. Worth woman. She did not win the bonus round and when they displayed the word the audience reaction was amusing to me. Typically the response is sad for the loser but still pretty upbeat with the "ah-ha" moment. Tonight's answer, though, was 'Humility.' There was a strange quiet that filled the audience and Pat looked out as though he thought it odd. I guess, when you see that word, it takes very little time to realize that whooping and hollering is not a very good picture of it. Perhaps it was a tiny reminder for us all.

Now, on to a very brief moment of mushiness.

Thank You.

You all are so very kind to me and I appreciate you more than I could ever fully express. In the midst of the fear and the sadness, all of you, who owe me nothing, who don't even know me, are gracious and loving beyond what anyone could ask for. So, again, thank you.


Blogger Paulette said...

Hey you lucky person. I love wheel of fortune, the funny thing is when I saw it on the news I said phewy at least I dont have to be jealous because nobody I know is going!!! I would love to go on there and win some money and especially a trip to Italy, lol like I ever would...
Hey lets do It, I do need your email addy, it did not come up.

August 26, 2006 11:37 PM  

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