Into the Depths: So You Know I'm Not Dead

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So You Know I'm Not Dead

Mayson was a rock star in his t-ball game last night. While he can be obnoxious and a tad rotten from time to time, he is also hilarious and one of the sweetest humans I know. None of my other nephews get up to bat but turn around just before to say 'I love you Steffie!' Way too sweet!

I am a terrible blogger these days but all too often I just don't have much to say. I follow quite a few blogs and I am constantly amazed that all these people keep coming up with interesting things to say day after day. Crazy.

Have I ever mentioned how strange I find it that Christians often are far more petty, gossipy, calloused, judgemental and just down right cold, then our non christian fellow human beings. It's a sad fact. Seemingly random, but sad just the same!

I am now off to my third ball game of the week. One more and we'll be done until next Monday. :) I am taking Blayne, Malachi and Caleb to Six Flags Saturday so I imagine I will be dead tired just in time for softball practice Sunday!!


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