Into the Depths: Miss Me?

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Miss Me?

No, me either. I have just been avoiding. Avoiding blogging, avoiding the nagging questions, avoiding feelings, avoiding life. And will, at least for tonight, continue doing so. It was a busy week. For being one with no life, I sure seem to be filling mine up. Support group and church on Sunday, Bible study on Tuesday, new home group on Wednesdays, and soccer on Saturdays. Not to mention ten lessons per week for the support group and Bible study, and the new addition of the weekly study we'll be doing for the home group. Add to all that all the new shows premiering on T.V. and I can barely keep up with myself.

I had fully intended on a night full of television tonight, when the lady from my church called and invited me over...you know the one, I've spoken of her before. She said bring over some pictures you'd like to get into a scrapbook. Pictures I've got. Scrapbooking I suck at. In four hours we managed to go to three stores and finally come up with a book I could live with, then get back to her house and knock out a whopping two pages for said book. Holy mackerel is that stuff time consuming. In defense of the art of scrapbooking, however, those two pages are darn cute.

I have a ton to say, answers to questions in comments, new revelations....but, like I said, I am avoiding, so it will have to wait. I will say that the Daniel study does have some astoundingly good stuff in it though. I will have to approach that subject after my sabbatical from realness. I'll get back to you...........


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