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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Junk

Alright, so I don't really have much to say. I figured, though, that you wouldn't mind meaningless chatter. :) We are storm tracking again tonight (by we, I mean me and the t.v.) Thunderstorms, tornado warnings, etc. etc. I think it's exciting, so long as they don't come too close. It's funny to me sometimes how I behave in these situations. I'm scared of tornadoes, of course, but when I hear the sirens start blaring, my first reaction is always to run outside and look around. Sometimes I wonder about me.

Baseball season is in full swing(pun intended.) I was supposed to be at a 6 o'clock game in Cleburne and then an 8 o'clock game in Midlothian, but lucky for my gas tank they were rained out. Blayne was asked to try out for a select team to play as a fill in until his rec team finishes the season and then he'll go 'full time' with them. Tonight was the first try out and since it was indoors, I went. Can I just say that I love that when he found out they'd asked him the first thing he wanted to do was call and tell me....I love that. He did great fielding the ball and especially in his hitting. His pitching, however, not so much. In his last couple of games he has been fantastic, but I think the pressure got to him tonight. He had a coach behind him, one out in front and about twenty people standing outside the net just staring at him as he tried to pitch. I couldn't do it with no one watching, so I'm not sure how those kids manage. He's left handed, so if he can develop his pitch, college scholarships are a real possibility. Ok, I know you probably don't care all that much about 9 year old baseball.

I am going to another taping of Beth Moore tomorrow. Can't wait. Don't be jealous, it isn't becoming. I am so looking forward to it. I am praying. It's gonna be great!

Did I mention my Sunday morning study is going very well? I think it very odd that I'm leading a ladies Bible study, but here I am doing just that. I am fearful each week that I will go in, sound like a dork and no one will speak. So far, however, there has been no lull in conversation. It's really been good. I help them, they help me, it's really weird, in a good way. I have been wondering, sometimes out loud, why my church doesn't have a women's ministry. Every time I mention it whomever I'm speaking with asks why I don't start it. Well, I think I'll quit mentioning it. ;) Ok, I'm done. Nighty night.


Blogger Sandy said...

Being an aunt is such amazing fun!

How was Beth today?...I've been praying for her these past few days.

I absolutely LOVE it that you are leading a Bible study...just the picture of you doing so makes me grin ear to ear and high five God in the air! =)

Love you!!!

April 25, 2007 10:06 PM  

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