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Monday, June 26, 2006

Nothing Serious, Seriously

Alright, I am going to try really hard to have an entire post that is about absolutely nothing that is deep or disturbing or chaotic or confusing. Today was definitely a Monday at work. It is the end of the month which for me means really freaking busy. All of our builders are trying to get houses closed by Friday so that they will get their bonuses, which means that EVERYTHING is an emergency to them. It is a fence for crying out loud.
My nephew Blayne left for church camp today and I am actually jealous. He is going, for the second time, to the camp I went to most of my years as a youth. I also went with the kids as a sponsor when I 'grew up'........JoyfulJourney, didn't we go together one year? I went as a sponsor with the youth at a friends church too. This was back before I realized that responsibility was a bad thing for me. Anyway, I am totally jealous. Summer camp was so dang cool. It is like a completely different world. I remember it always went way too fast and I hated having to come back home.
I realize now that if I am not talking about all the chaos, I really have very little to say. I have never been very good at small talk. Sorry.


Blogger Paulette said...

I never was able to experience camp. I have made sure my children were able to. My son just returned from Beach camp in Galvaston where they spend all week in camp on the ocean. I am so glad you had those memories. Our womans ministry at church very often goes to a camp to relive some of those memories as grown woman. I went the last time and it was a hoot.
We even ate camp food!! It was such a blast. You can still have fun as an adult. If we go again i'll let you know.......
Where did your nephew go to camp??
Have a Blessed day.

June 27, 2006 7:54 PM  
Blogger joyfuljourney said...

Hey! Sorry I'm just now reading this post. Yes, we went to camp together one year. So, that's the same camp Blayne attended? It's a special place. I remember that you and I weren't so sure about each other at first. I'm sure you thought I was a stick in the mud! But as I recall, we had a good time together. I also remember what a great connection you ended up having with the girls. You are a special person with so many talents. It says a lot about you that he called you from camp to tell you about his decision. You must play an important role in his life.

July 01, 2006 8:40 PM  

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