Into the Depths: twin A

Saturday, June 10, 2006

twin A

twin a yawn Jolee
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This is "twin A" known to us now as Jolee. How we will know that is who it is when she pops into this world, not a clue. They say she is yawning in the second picture. Personally I think it looks like I very ticked off scream. But that is just my professional.....ish......opinion.
And no, I was not listened to at all in the naming department.
Tonight I have three of my nephews staying the night with me so we can go to another nephews 'championship' baseball game at 8 in the morning. Blayne, who is eight, was looking at these pics with me and said "After they cut Aunt Jenji open to take the babies out, will they sew her back up?" I said "Well, they don't have to cut her to get them out, your mommy had twins and they didn't have to cut her open." To which he responded "Then how do they get out?" OOPS!!! I really should think before speaking when talking with children. I said nothing and called his mother but luckily we created diversion through chaos and he forgot about it. Hopefully he will be safely (for me) back home before he remembers that question.


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