Into the Depths: Birthday with the Stars

Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday with the Stars

My boss gave me tickets to the Dallas Stars for my birthday and let me tell ya, it was a blast! He has given me tickets before but not seats like these! There is something about hockey that just gets my adrenaline pumping. I think it's men slamming the crud out of each other at every possible opportunity. Though I would never condone fighting :-) there were a couple of jaw dropping punch fests. To top it all off, we won! Two of my sisters and my friend Michelle all went with me and we really did have a great time.

Outside the AA center there is a plaza called Victory Park and that is where our local ABC station does their news cast. This picture is the girls standing in front of their studios. Mike Modano was going to be there for the sports special but sadly we had to get home since it was a work/school night. We're old, what can I say.

My brother-in-law watched his five and Rachael's one last night and this is what the girls found when they got home.

Yes, that is all four of the boys sharing a twin size bed. I guess the twins opted for their own bed, very wise!


Blogger Shayne said...

Hey pally!

Long time no talk! But then, I haven't had much time to blog this past year. Life has been a lil' nuts, but God has been so good. It's good to "see" you in a more peaceful state, I love what God is doing in you!

P.S. I love Lifehouse. They are so awesome. Have you seen the "Everything" drama? Powerful.

March 10, 2008 3:59 PM  
Blogger Paulette said...

Looks like you had an awesome Birthday!! I wanted to come by and say hello, and hope you are doing well.
We need to get together and play WII LOL. I am having several couples ove Saturday night for a tournament lol! About the only thing I haven't scarfed up for the Wii is Guitar hero, I didn't think I would like it.

March 27, 2008 8:27 AM  
Blogger LiteratureLover said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you had such a fun time. And those boys...that's great!

April 13, 2008 8:00 PM  

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