Into the Depths: Prepared and Ready

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prepared and Ready

Tree's up, presents bought and wrapped, I think I'm ready. In spite of a pinched sciatic nerve that I thought for sure was going to be the death of me, this has been a great holiday season thus far.

Seriously, if you've never pinched a nerve than you should, at all costs, avoid doing so. If you have, well then, I feel for you. Miserable and excruciating pain is about the best way I can explain it. Luckily the pain has become tolerable though I would be quite grateful if it would go ahead and go away altogether. My foot went to sleep two and a half weeks ago, still hasn't woken up. It's a mess.

But regardless, I got into the Christmas spirit early this year. My tree was up two weeks before Thanksgiving. Perhaps I subconsciously knew that I would be bed ridden the week following turkey day so I got all the decor done early. Who knows. I couldn't even do my yearly ritual of shopping for fifteen straight hours the day after Thanksgiving. I did manage to get a couple of hours in but since then it's been all hit and miss. I am happy to report that the last gifts were bought and wrapped this evening and I am done and happily not returning to a mall until well after Christmas.

Well, bed time. Take care and I hope this season finds you and your family well and at peace. May His hope invade your hearts and fill your lives with joy as you prepare to celebrate Christ's birth this year. :o)


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