Into the Depths: More Poetry as I Can Think of Nothing Else To Say

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Poetry as I Can Think of Nothing Else To Say

O.k. I've decided that until I can come up with something profound to say, I am just going to keep posting poems. At least that way it will look like there is something going on in my little blogworld. So, happy reading!
Forgotten Source
Things are going well, I forget the reason why,
That the cause of all my fortune is my Savior, Jesus Christ.
In the midst of all my happiness, I lose sight of the joy giver,
And only see glory in the moment, so typical of a sinner.
He must get me back on track, I must decide where my faith lies,
When the storms come blowing at me, I reach my hands up toward the skies.
I call out for His help, and cry from all my trials,
My God, why have you forsaken me. Tears replace my smiles.
I sink into my bitterness, in anger I retreat.
How had these troubles come to me, how could I face defeat.
I shake my fists toward Heaven, then realize my flaw,
He never left, it was I who fled, now through Him I must be strong.
I pray for His forgiveness and seek to feel His love,
Amazingly He's there to catch me, His hands reaching from above.
I feel His grace and realize, that once again I'd let Him down,
I always need to look to Him, in pain and when joy abounds.


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